about Zucora

Since 1979 we've been helping families
live more comfortably.

For almost 4 decades, we've been leading the home furnishings industry and serving Canadian families with protection programs, products and services that provide peace of mind with the purchase of new furniture, appliances, electronics and bedding products.

Building on a foundation of strong, long-lasting relationships, we've grown to become the nation's largest provider of extended service programs in partnership with leading furniture retailers.

Our certified, multilingual customer care representatives and our extensive network of service partners, allow us to deliver personal service for consumers across the country.

We manufacture our products and administer our service programs from our state-of-the-art production facility located in London, Ontario, Canada.


We are led by an experienced team of seasoned professionals who like to have fun.

Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes

President & CEO

As an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, Brad and his team are constantly creating opportunities to help our partners, customers and employees discover new ways to achieve maximum success.

Mark Pettifer

Mark Pettifer

Vice President & Chief Sales Officer

Mark creates and continues to build on our long-standing relationships with national, regional and independent home furnishings retailers while leading our Sales Team to develop new opportunities.

Mindy Dodd

Mindy Dodd

Vice President & Chief Customer Officer

With her passion for delivering the very best customer experience, Mindy leads our dedicated customer care team with solutions to even the most challenging situations.

David Cohn

David Cohn

National Sales Manager

With an infectious enthusiasm for life and laughter, together with a passion for helping our partners grow their business; David is the inspiration behind our incredible team of professional Sales Agents.

Mark Geddes

Mark Geddes

Director, Corporate Training

Mark leads our team of Performance Coaches to support and assist our retail partners and their retail sales associates.

Jim Brower

Jim Brower

Chief Product Officer

As our longest-serving team member, Jim leads our product manufacturing and distribution operations to make sure we deliver only the best solutions for our customers.

Ashleigh Geddes

Ashleigh Geddes

Director, Plan Registrations

Ashleigh ensures our plan registration programs provide the ultimate support for our retail partners and their customers.

Magda Everett

Magda Everett

Director, Financial Services

As the leader of our financial services team, Magda ensures we maintain control of the financial activities of our business.

Michelle Mahovlich

Michelle Mahovlich

Director, Culture & Personnel

By maintaining our unique Zucorian culture, Michelle is constantly devising ways to help our team members achieve their personal aspirations while contributing their very best.


As a family-owned enterprise, we think of ourselves as one big, happy "business
family." Our business philosophy is built on a culture of strong beliefs that remain
consistent even as our business continues to evolve and flourish.

Be a Rick Potter

We Believe in People.

One of our industry's larger-than-life sales professionals chose to spend the final lap of his career (while still in his 70's!) with Zucora as we were experiencing our first mega-growth phase. Rick's commitment to our customers, his passion for life and his exceptional leadership style set a benchmark for the kind of people we like to associate with at Zucora. Known for integrity and his ability to create long-lasting relationships, Rick showed us how authentic leadership delivers real value. We build leaders of teams and teams of leaders.

Don’t Give Up

We believe in Possibility.

It took us three long years to convince a national retailer that we could handle their business. They gave us a shot. We blew it. After just 6 months, we realized we couldn't afford to continue to serve their customers under the deal we had originally struck. However, because of our transparent approach and our focus on delivering exceptional service, they didn't want to let us go. So we worked together. We developed a new plan. They’ve now been one of our most loyal partners for more than a decade.

Protect your Reputation

We believe in Service.

Sitting in the office of a prospective new retail partner, the store manager asked us, "Aren't you the company that goes above-and-beyond?" He was serious. We were flattered. We’ve built an industry­wide reputation by aspiring to deliver excellence for customers. We feel compelled to keep raising the bar and to set new standards of quality; it is our reason for getting up every day. Looking after customers for our retail partners is the most important thing we do.

Lead with your Heart

We believe in Family.

An employee came to us with distressing news that her young son had just been diagnosed with cancer. Something nobody wants to hear. She didn't know how her family would make it through such a difficult period. Our employees rallied, and together we made sure her family had the support they needed during her son's journey with this dreaded disease. After a successful battle, her son is now cancer-­free and her family is thriving. Business isn't just about the numbers - it's really about people.

Remember Tomorrow

We believe in Legacy.

"Because of your letter of recommendation, I landed my internship." - That's what a student wrote after being mentored by one of our employees who volunteers with our local Junior Achievement program. It's where students learn about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Helping young people prepare for their future is just one way we give back to our community. We are building a better tomorrow.


We believe in giving back to our community
by building a better tomorrow.

We are passionate supporters of Junior Achievement, the world's largest non-profit youth education program. Our goal is to help create future leaders because we've seen the results of young people discovering the value of financial literacy, workplace readiness and entrepreneurship. This is just one of the many ways our Zucora team is building a better tomorrow by giving back to our community.

We support other great causes as well - but we do best when we can demonstrably share our skills and expertise as volunteers.